Each year, we recruit four new MARC Fellows during their Junior year. Below you can see each cohort and learn a little about them.

Junior COHORT (Graduating 2022):

Anthony Monte Carlo

Mentor: Dr. Jinglin Fu

About: Our lab is currently designing a rapid test in order to screen for the presence of COVID-19. Dr. Fu hopes to eventually adapt this test for a number of diseases. My long-term research goals are to develop treatments for conditions that affect millions of people around the world like chronic pain, cancer, and autoimmune diseases. I think the most unique thing about me is that I try to take every opportunity to learn, and the most important thing I can do is make others happy!

Julianna JimenezJulianna Jimenez

Mentor: Professor Kim Moran

About: The research I am currently working on involves detecting Barr Bodies in samples of forensic significance to determine sex of an unknown sample. Barr Bodies are small, condensed chromosomes found near the cell wall and are typically found in female mammal cells. The goal of the study is to determine the reliability of Barr Body identification. This will be done by recording the true and false positive and negative rates found when detecting Barr Bodies in blood smear samples originating from both males and females. My ideal research career goals involve contributing to both the forensic science and biomedical worlds!

Sienna Casciato

Mentor: Dr. Kwangwon Lee

About: The research that I’m currently working on involves using Neurospora crassa as a model system to determine how it measures day-length. Determining the genetic mechanism that is used to measure day length will give more insight about how circadian rhythms and photoperiodism work. My research career goals are to study infectious disease so that new treatments can be developed for these diseases. Something that is unique about who I am is that I really enjoy helping others and I want to continue to do that in a larger way by doing research.

Taqdees Gohar

Mentor: Dr. Elizabeth West at Rowan University School of Osteopathic Medicine

About: I am interested in studying the relationship between circadian rhythms and memory. Circadian rhythms are known to influence memory and the relationship between the two has been studied for a long time. My research focuses on unraveling the answer to whether there are seasonal changes in brain functionality affecting the formation and storage of memory. I am also interested in Neuroscience and in the future, I hope to focus my research on Neurodegenerative diseases with goals of adding on to the present knowledge and devising treatments. I am a first-generation immigrant student and first in my family pursuing a degree in Science.

Senior COHORT (Graduating 2021):

Harjit Khaira

Mentor: Dr. Kwangwon Lee

About: Watch the video!

William Myers

Mentor: Peter Freddolino, Ph.D. at the University of Michigan

About: Watch the video!

Shariq Khan

Mentor: Dr. Nathan T. Fried

About: Watch the video!

Anna Liang

Mentor: Dr. Joe Martin

About: Watch the video!