Each year, we recruit a new cohort of MARC Fellows during their Junior year. Below you can see each cohort and learn a little about them.

Junior COHORT:

Alexangel Nunez

Mentor: Dr. Anthony Geneva

About: Currently the research I am a part of is investigating the evolutionary origins of Adenovirus (AdV) within a novel lineage that affects Anolis lizards. More specifically, I am investigating AdV within an invasive population of Anolis equestris (Cuban Knight Anoles) from Miami, Florida. In the future I hope to utilize the bioinformatics and genetic skills gained from my lab and education, and put it towards a Ph.D. in Evolutionary Biology. Outside of education and research, I enjoy hiking, traveling, and trying and cooking new foods!

Leana Salgado

Mentor: Dr. David Salas-de la Cruz

About: My research in Dr. Salas’ lab involves creating cellulose nanocrystals (CNC) from cellulose and changing the structure of CNC to expand their usage in other fields because of its renewability and biocompatibility. Ionic liquids and different polymers will be used to modify the structure of CNC and therefore enhance its physical and chemical properties. In the future I plan to be accepted into a PhD program and then work in the pharmaceutical field. Ever since I was younger, I have always held high standards for myself by setting goals to further my education to obtain the most advanced degree.

Gabriel Elias

Mentor: Dr. Lauren Daniel

About: I am involved in Dr. Kwangwon Lee’s lab in Circadian rhythms utilizing Drosophila melanogaster. Currently aiming to connect Dr. Lauren Daniel’s study on stem cells and sleep with Dr. Kwangwon Lee’s study to provide insight into how circadian rhythms affect steam cells.. My goals are to develop a project connecting studies from two different majors through the development of an ethoscope. Outside of research I enjoy training in Muay Thai and developing music.

Isabel Garcia

Mentor: Dr. Brian Corbett

About: I am currently in Dr. Corbett’s working on the effects of stress on the brain and the rest of the nervous system as well as how this stress manifests differently between sexes. My career goals are to learn as many techniques as I can in this program and eventually enter a PhD program. Outside of doing research, I enjoy reading, thrifting, and have recently taken an interest in gardening.

Senior COHORT:

Elizabeth Hardy

Mentor: Dr. Nathan Fried

About: My goal is to obtain my Ph.D. in Pharmacology. As an advocate for healthy eating, I plan to research the correlation between monosodium glutamate consumption at elevated levels and chronic pain. I enjoy volunteering with Alpha Kappa Alpha, cooking, and working out in my free time.

Sandy Lam

Mentor: Dr. Nathan Fried

About: The research that I am currently involved in will be with circadian rhythms and how it affects chronic pain. The goal of this lab to understand how much sleep can really affect the pain that we feel throughout our lives and any long term effects. My research goals would be to ultimately understand how sleep can impact everything that we do throughout our day to day. Something that I have recently enjoyed doing would be to collect little bald figures called Smiskis!

Blessing Awogbamila

Mentor: Dr. Kwangwon Lee

About: Currently, I’m involved in the Circadian Rhythm lab. I’ve been experimenting on the mechanisms involved in Photoperiodism in Neurospora. My research career goals include eventually publishing a paper and learning many techniques and skill sets. What’s unique about me is my ability to step out of my comfort zone in order to improve myself.