Rutgers Camden MARC fellows Research Awards ABRCMS

We are proud to announce that three Rutgers Camden Biology Undergraduates were selected for poster prizes at this year’s Annual Biomedical Research Conference for Minority Students (ABRCMS). With the conference transitioning to a virtual format, we had the opportunity to recruit more students to join us for the conference. This year, 13 students attended watch party events of the 4-day conference and took home 3 awards for their research poster presentations.

Julianna Jimenez, mentored by Kimberly Moran, received a best poster award in the “Developmental Biology and Genetics” category for her research project, “The Use of Barr Bodies to Determine Sex in Samples of Forensic Significance.”

John Crespo, mentored by Nathan Fried, received a best poster award in the “Neuroscience” category for his research project, “Pilot Study Reveals Reduced Sleep Increases Sensitivity to Chemical Nociception in Drosophila melanogaster.”

Malaika Mahmood, mentored by Victoria Abraira, received a best poster award in the “Neuroscience” category for her research project, “A Machine-Vision Approach for Automated Locomotor Recovery Evaluation at Millisecond Timescales.”

We are incredibly proud of our research-active Biology undergraduates and can not wait to see them launch into their research careers following graduation.