The MARC program is designed to train students interested in pursuing a PhD in the biomedical sciences develop as scientists and researchers. Students interested in joining the newly launched U-RISE program should fill out the below application. U-RISE is the new phase of MARC and until the U-RISE program website and infrastructure is launched, they can be viewed as the same program. Thus, please fill out this application if interested in becoming a U-RISE fellow from 2024-2026.


  • Students should be in their Sophomore or Junior years when applying (Transfer students are welcome to apply before they begin at Rutgers Camden). The MARC program is a two-year commitment during their Junior and Senior undergraduate career, but we sometimes accept one-year appointments.
  • US Citizen or Permanent Resident
  • Students can not work off-campus jobs while a MARC Fellow
  • Students must be full-time status while a MARC Fellow
  • Our goal is to enrich our program with diverse perspectives and experiences, focusing on the contributions candidates can make towards an inclusive academic environment. The selection is based on:
    • Demonstrated commitment to creating an inclusive training environment that helps all participants overcome barriers to academic success. We value a range of experiences, including overcoming socioeconomic challenges, educational disadvantages, and other significant obstacles, without limiting eligibility based on race, ethnicity, age, or gender.
    • Enrollment in an eligible STEM major, such as biology, chemistry, physics, engineering, mathematics, and computer science, which supports the program’s academic diversity and interdisciplinary research goals
    • A clear intention to pursue advanced degrees (Ph.D. or M.D./Ph.D.) and a research career, demonstrating the potential for significant contributions to the scientific community.

Application Materials

We understand this may be your first time applying to a program of this nature so we’re happy to help! If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to Drs. Lee or Fried.

  1. Personal statement: In 1-2 pages, describe why you’re a good candidate and how the MARC program will help you achieve/explore your scientific goals/interests. We want to understand WHY you want to pursue a research career. Feel free to also include any details about how your own background may have made navigating an academic career more challenging than traditional students and/or your commitment to fostering an inclusive research environment.
    • In the letter, please indicate two potential MARC mentors (at least one of which is at Rutgers–Camden) who you would like to work with (see MARC Mentors page). While you may highlight a faculty mentor you’re interested in for your application, we’ll work with selected fellows to find a perfect match.
  2. CV/resume: Include your accomplishments, awards, jobs, etc.
  3. Unofficial Undergraduate Transcript: While we do not base our decision purely on GPA, this gives us a holistic view of your academic performance during review. If transferring into Rutgers Camden, please include unofficial transcripts from previous undergraduate institutions.
  4. Letter of recommendation (recommended, but not required): The letter should be from a faculty member you have either been taught, mentored, or advised by. Reach out to your letter writers early!

Application Process

  • Submit your application here.
  • Recommendation letters can be submitted here.
  • Due date is Monday, April 8, 2024 at midnight.
  • If selected, you will begin your first 10-week summer research experience as a U-RISE Fellow on June 1.